The Crucial Truth Of Online Slot Machine

Slots (or slot machines) also known as slot machines are the most popular forms of betting that you can play at Casino in the world, and if you know how to win at casino Slots games, you will probably have learned one of the most important things that a gambler can know. Although today’s machines have little in common than those produced in 1896 by Charles Fey, their shape, size and popularity remain the same!


Slot machines were first introduced as decoration in bars and tobacconists. The machines had three spinning reels, with 10 symbols on each one. The odds of playing in the slots and winning on the old machines are easy to compute. They offered 1000 combinations and paid 750 prizes, so the “house” won 250 units for every 1000 spins that slot machines gave (on average, of course). Without using any type of cheating (such as drilling into the cabinet to insert wires that would stop the reels), the Slots could not be defeated in the long run.


Over the years, the popularity of continued to grow, even though players knew that the math took the player a 25% chance of winning, as stated above. When Nevada State Casinos in the USA were the only ones that had gambling regulated by law, small Casinos had only a few Slots. Quickly, however, the slot machines underwent innovations such as the addition of bigger prizes – jackpots – by adding another spinning reel to the machine. And that in itself did not increase the popularity of the game in the casino, but it increased the chances of the player making money, which were now around 85%, compared to the 75% previously offered.

In the 1980s, Slots entered the computer age with the addition of a “random number generator”. This technological attribute in slot machines was designed to generate a series or sequence of numbers or symbols that have no pattern, thus making them random.

Instead of machines with spinning reels with a limited number of symbols or “stops” on each reel, Video Slots can offer hundreds of symbols or stops on each reel, so the chances of hitting the biggest jackpot can be 100 million to one.

This provides more excitement and more types of prizes for the player in the casino, who is now more likely to hit any combination that rewards him. However, it is now impossible to determine the chances of hitting that jackpot, as there is no way to know the number of stops that the virtual slot machine spins give.


As all forms of betting are governed by chance, there is no guarantee that you will succeed within the Casinos. However, there are a number of things you can do to increase your chance of winning in live casino slots. The first is that each machine has its own list of prizes and rules.

Read the table with the possible returns and see what it takes to win. Most casino slots have a “menu” or “game information” button that will list the attributes needed to win. Be sure to do this! Read the information, and make sure you understand the requirements for winning.

The most common mistake made by the Slots player in the casinos is not having the maximum number of coins bet. The maximum prize will not be paid if the player does not have the maximum number of coins bet. Unfortunately, not everyone has an unlimited bankroll. So, always make sure that you can have a prize pool by playing the maximum number of credits you have available at the casinos. Therefore, the importance of reading and understanding the rules of each machine.

The other common mistake of casino players is to think that the machine is going to be won sometime. This is not necessarily true. Especially on machines with multiple lines and multiple currencies (progressive machines), insisting that you win it can cost you all your money. Play only while you are having fun. The next spin can bring you a nice prize, but the next 20 can take everything away!


In case you didn’t know, slot makers use psychology to determine the percentage of winning combinations. They know that the player needs small prizes, free spins or even a bonus to get that immediate feeling of gratification, and higher payouts to keep him motivated to keep playing. Nobody wants to play a machine that only pays very high prizes or bonuses, as the time between these jackpots will be very high.

For example, a given machine can have 12 different winning possibilities, ranging from 1 to 1, up to 8,000 to 1 (bet 1 real and get 1 real, or bet 1 real and get 8,000). Let’s say that this machine requires 3 tokens for you to earn 8,000. This prize will only be paid for every 250,000 spins the machine makes. But on the other hand, 1-to-1 prizes appear every 8 spins of the machine. It keeps you interested, but not overly motivated.